Yoga and Meditation for Desk Workers
3 Jan-12 Feb

Man holding sore neck while using notebook computer. He sitting at table. Sick worker conc

Do you suffer from shoulder, neck or back pain after a day at your desk?

Do you feel like you cannot switch off you brain after a busy day?

Join me on this 6-week Yoga & Meditation course and learn how to feel to feel better in your body and take care of your mind.

Hi, I am Ana and I am a Yoga and Pilates Teacher.


But before becoming a Yoga teacher, I worked in an office for over 8 years and experienced all the challenges that come with being at a desk all day. 

I had shoulder and neck pain, lower back pain, and overall stiffness.


But most importantly, I felt like I could never switch off my mind.

Yoga and Meditation have been a life-changer for me, so on this course, I want to help you feel better in your body and feel more connected with your mind.

What is included?
  • Join two evening Live Yoga Classes per week. A slow Yang Style on Monday at 6:15 pm and a Yin Yoga class on Thursdays at 8:15 pm.

  • Join a WhatsApp group for support, reminders and class recordings

  • Get weekly exercises to do at your desk every day

  • Get some simple meditation tools to use when you need a little bit more mental space.

  • 7-day playback recordings of all classes

What if I am a complete beginner?

This course is suitable for complete beginners. Plus, before we start you can book a free call with me, where I will explain the course in detail and offer modifications to suit your body and where you are in your journey.

If you have practiced before, not to worry, I will offer plenty of options for you to find this course challenging enough. Plus, we all need a reminder to take it easy sometimes, and go back to a simple practice. 

What is my investment?

Register before November 25th and pay less than half price!


Until Nov 25 (€120) after