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The Aligned Body Coach

You, totally aligned

Ana Stefan balancing on one leg to show alignment and strength

The Aligned Body Coach

Your online access anytime membership space

Totally Aligned  is the online membership space for you to reclaim your true home: your body. Being fully aligned in your mind-body will help you to walk taller, feel stronger and move better than you ever have before. Access a library of videos, with new guided routines added weekly, plus monthly live workshops and a monthly 1-2-1 call with your coach to access new levels of energy, confidence and ease in your body.

It’s time for you to show your body some love - from your fingertips to your toes - and get aligned. Because you deserve more than your current reality...

  • Everything, everywhere, all at once seems to be your life. Mumming. Business building. Squeezing in your hobbies. Yes you’re spinning, honestly, a few too many plates and you’re losing track of what you need.

  • Movement has started feeling like a bit of a chore and a struggle. The sofa is looking more appealing than your yoga mat right now and you’re not quite sure why - you’ve always loved putting your body through its paces before.

  • Letting off steam isn’t the same as it used to be. As well as feeling like you’re having to shoehorn your hobbies into your day, you’re increasingly stiff / sore / ache-y after gardening, cycling and doing agility with the dog - what's going on?


You Get Aligned, get...

Waking up with kick-ass, “let’s do this” energy - hold the coffee, thanks, we’re already on a roll.

Your day working for you. You’re the driving force and you’re managing that with ease and grace because you’re in flow.

“Mummy, you’re my hero!” from the kiddo because you are so much fun to be around and you can swing higher than anyone else they know.

Your brunch bestie asking what new energy hack you’ve found, is it some kind of matcha / mushroom / turbo coffee?

A complete buzz about movement, you can’t wait to roll your mat out and pull some shapes because it feels so.damn.good. in your body.


Totally Aligned state of mind-body

This is about alignment, core connection and breathing in a whole new way.

Even if you’ve done a thousand classes, this is going to completely shift how you view movement. It’s a totally holistic approach, it’s not just a yoga / pilates / meditation class, it’s an approach that brings all of these together. Even a 10 minute mindful movement video will help you to focus on breathing better, standing taller and feeling stronger, with a blend of myofascial movement, alignment awareness, and gratitude practice. 


Because this is all online, it means you can add your kind of movement into your daily life, in a way that works for you. Only have 10 minutes in between meetings? Got a stretch for that. Need a breather before heading back to your desk from lunch? There’s a breathing exercise for that. 

Are you in?

The Totally Aligned feeling...

Ana is the best! Her videos are so well thought-out, fun and helpful. She pays so much attention to detail and really makes sure everyone is doing the movements safely and correctly to slowly but surely build up your strength and flexibility. She's also so helpful if you ever have any specific questions or issues. I highly recommend her programme.”

Ready to join the party?


Mind | Body | Energy

These are the core pillars of the Aligned Body approach and the ideal way for you to reclaim your inner home space. That’s why the Totally Aligned membership is built on these pillars. You’ll find movement routines, tips and workshops all designed around these key themes within the membership.


The Aligned Body Coach

Take a peek inside Totally Aligned

When you join the Aligned community, you get instant access to the full library of Totally Aligned movement videos. There’s a routine to make you feel good in your body, no matter how much time you have available and what kind of mood you’re in. Stiff in the morning? Check out the “morning stretches” with your choice of quick, 10 minute, or 30 minute movement moments to kick start your day. New videos are added every month, so you’ll always have a new routine to turn to as you reconnect with your mind-body. Plus, every month you’ll be invited to an exclusive Totally Aligned workshop, shaped by seasonal and bodily shifts. And you get a dedicated 1-2-1 call with The Aligned Body Coach to ask questions, tailor your movement practice for your needs and for that extra nudge to keep making space for you.

Sound good?


What is an aligned body?

Having an aligned body is about so much more than posture. Let’s swap posture for physical alignment, which is more fluid and dynamic. To be aligned, or to align your body in space, means to have every part of your body positioned well. Your joints are stacked, your limbs are lined up, your muscles are balanced and your spine maintains its natural curves - not only when you sit, but also when you walk, when you run, when you sleep - these curves are important for absorbing the shock of whatever you are doing throughout the day. Alignment of the body in movement can help you prevent injuries, minimise strain and give you the balance you need to salsa through your daily life.

Alignment in your daily movement matters far more than the traditional static approach to posture - and it’s going to have a much more lasting, positive effect than pushing yourself to the limit at the gym. Having an aligned mind-body, with awareness of the place you occupy in space is essential to feeling really good in your body. Mindful movement and having an aligned body doesn’t have to be complicated; this is all about connecting and moving on purpose. 

Ana standing in a purple outfit smiling and holding a yoga mat in a studio

The Aligned Body Coach

Say hello to your Aligned Body Coach

I’m Ana Stefan, The Aligned Body Coach, and for 5 years I’ve been helping women to see how truly amazing their bodies - and full selves - are, through mindful and aligned movement.

My wisdom in Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, Myofascial Movement and Breathwork blended together makes for a mindful approach to movement that supports you in becoming Totally Aligned. I created this membership space because I have a vision of building a community that stands tall together, encouraging each other to maintain momentum and keep pulling shapes in everyday life. Bringing our bodies and minds together is what matters most to me.

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