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The Aligned Body Coach

Corporate Wellbeing 

Empower Your Team, Elevate Your Workplace

It’s time to free up your energy and time - by working with someone who knows what they’re doing and will take something off that overflowing to-do list - make your job easy and elevate your workplace.

More than words - and tickboxes: workplace well-being

True well-being goes beyond surface-level perks. Your team deserves more than just a checkbox approach to health and happiness. And you want to witness a happier, more engaged team, and a workplace that exudes positive energy and productivity.

Ana Stefan looking at her phone and setting up a calendar meeting

The Aligned Body Coach

I See you ...

  • Juggling the world’s longest to-do list, whilst also bending over backwards (ouch) to nurture a harmonious workplace for your team.

  • Always put your team’s (and, let’s face it, everyone in your personal life too) needs before your own.

  • Rolling your eyes at the token gestures and tickbox exercises that some workplaces call “well-being perks”, you just don’t have the time or space on your priority list to entertain that nonsense, thank you very much...

  • Flagging in the face of the daily grind. How long is it until your next holiday so you can recharge your quite drained batteries?

  • Longing for someone to step in and take just a little something off your plate. Surely there must be someone you can depend on to work alongside you to change gears in your workplace?


You are not alone

In fact, the Workplace Wellbeing Index stats suggest that less than half of employees feel motivated by the workplace culture at their current workplace. And that’s a huge task for you to tackle on your own.

That’s why you need a champion for aligned movement on your side.

Aligning with your business vision, goals and people.

Ana Stefan completing a meeting with a hand gestire that means thank you

The Aligned Body Coach


Stepping into your workplace, where the atmosphere is vibrant and energized

Your employees experience renewed energy, focus, and resilience, leading to enhanced productivity and performance.

A place where your team is not only engaged but also inspired to bring their best selves to work each day.

Employees take pride in working for a company known for prioritizing their well-being and fostering a positive work culture.

Feeling more fulfilled in your job knowing that you are making a positive impact on their professional and personal lives

Let's make that happen

Transform your workplace into a thriving, supportive environment. Whether through corporate talks, weekly classes, or tailored events, I’m here to help. Book a call back now.

I'll be in touch soon

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