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Ana in a kneeling position, smiling looking at the camera

My three-pillar process to a healthy happy body.

Posture Awarness

To solve a problem, you need to first understand the problem. Even if you know what correct posture is, are you able to correct it or maintain it while you walk, drive or train at the gym? We often do things on autopilot, so becoming aware of your body is a skill that you must acquire. Get ready to become aware!

Core Strength

Your core is much more than just your abs. Knowing what the core muscles are & how to "activate" them can help you restore balance in the body. Your core muscles support your spine and stabilise your limbs, so when your core is weak, your risk putting a lot of stress on your joints. Are you ready to feel strong again and get rid of back pain?

Flexibility or Mobility

Joseph Pilates said: "you're only as young as your spine is flexible". 

So, how young do you feel? Flexibility or mobility is fundamental to a healthy spine and a healthy body. When we are stiff, we tend to stop moving altogether and that is the last thing our bodies need. Stretching, done properly must become part of your everyday life. Let's get flexi!

My Approach

My motto is " No joy, no gain" ... Get it? 


I do not believe that movement should be painful to give you the results you desire. You do not need to "suffer" to feel good in your body.

I believe in health in all sizes, shapes and ages. This is why I am not a weight loss/diet coach, I'm a feel-good-in-your-body-love-yourself coach. ​

Working with me means you will feel seen and listened to, and you will feel comfortable and supported every step of the way. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to posture, bad habits and pain there is no quick fix. It's a slow journey of re-training your body to move differently and re-training your mind to appreciate and respect your body. 

Honour your body and yourself by giving it the time it deserves. Stop spending your energy and money on trainers offering quick-fixes to your problems and you will see your confidence and self-appreciation increase. 

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Get in touch!

Ana in a relaxed stretching position, smiling looking at the camera
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