6-Week Pilates Course 
13thNov-18th Dec

Strengthen your core, improve your posture and feel better in your body!

You have probably heard the sentence: engage your core!

But what is your core? How do you engage or activate it?

Core strength is fundamental to having a healthy spine, a good posture and being able to enjoy movement in your everyday life.

Do you suffer from lower back or neck and shoulder pain?

Do you feel overall stiffness and believe that your mobility could be better?

Do you struggle with mobility?

Do you want to gain a little bit more strength?

This course is for you!

When are the classes?

Live classes take place on Saturdays at 10 am. Join in person (in Howth) or online.

What if I am a complete beginner?

This course is suitable for complete beginners. Plus, before we start on Saturday 13th I will offer some modifications for all the exercises.

If you have done Pilates before, that is perfect too, I will offer plenty of options for you to challenge yourself and gain more strength.

What is my investment?

Sign up today and pay only €59! It will cost you less than €10 per class!   BONUS  You will get access to another online pilates each week or an extra class recording that you can do in your own time at home. 

I have never done pilates before, can I join?
Yes, this is suitable for everyone, including absolute beginners.

Are these classes good for weight loss?
The target of this programme is not weight-loss, although it may help.

If I miss a class, will I be able to continue?
Yes, if you miss a session, you will receive access to a class recording that you will be able to access for 7 days.

What equipment do I need for the class?
● Yoga or pilates mat
● Towel and/or blanket

Is this a group class or a one to one?

This is a group class, if you are interested in reaching your strength and mobility goals faster, book a call with me and I will offer advice. 


I am recovering from an injury can I join?

GIve me a quick call and we can chat about this. Plus check in with your doctor or Physio and ask if you can take up Pilates classes.