Is Yoga good for weight loss?

One of the most frequent questions I'm asked when a student joins my class is this: Will I lose some weight if I sign up for this?

My answer is usually: Maybe, but WHY is this your goal?

The way I see it, Yoga is an everyday inner journey. I believe in generic goals such as feeling good in your body or becoming a mindful being. But achieving a specific asana (pose) or reaching a bodyweight goal is something that I avoid in my practice and avoid teaching others.

Yoga can help you in so many ways. It can help you feel more open and move freely; it can help you gain strength or recover from injuries. But most importantly, through movement and stillness, Yoga can help you slow down, look within and get to know and love yourself more.

The world is opening up to the FACT that a smaller size is not an indication of health and a flat belly is not an indication of strength.

So, instead of listing the types of Yoga that can help you lose weight, I leave you with this:

Our bodies only need enough mobility (or flexibility) and enough strength (or stability) for us to walk, play with our kids, run, hike, cycle, or dance with our friends, for us to enjoy a life without pain.

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