Show your feet a little bit of love, get so much more back...

Be honest: do you ever think about your feet when you're at the gym, in a yoga class or when you're running?

I believe that the feet are the last thing on our mind...until there's something wrong.

When we talk about muscles, we talk about abs, glutes, quads or biceps, without ever mentioning the foot muscles (feet and ankles have over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments).

The foot muscles are constantly active, even when we're sitting or sleeping. And they're not just a reflexive muscle response to keep our bodies from falling over; they work hard all day long to provide support, balance and mobility.

If you've ever been to one of my Yoga classes, you know that I spend quite some time checking the position of your feet. They are the foundation of every pose and are essential to having a healthy body.

( I learned this the hard way after years of dealing with knees and back pain. I'm still working on my feet too- if you look at the image)

So what can we do to improve the health of our feet?

Well, first of all, take a good look at your shoes! Are all your shoes tight towards the toes? Are all your shoes with lots of cushions or arch support? If so, perhaps you could purchase some flat shoes and alternate between flat and cushioned.

But most importantly...walk barefoot!

There is nothing more instinctual and natural than being barefoot.

There are so so many benefits to walking barefoot:

  • it improves posture by strengthening the muscles;

  • it increases balance control by improving muscle tone

  • stimulates blood flow in our feet and distributes pressure evenly across our foot, which in turn helps with arthritis;

  • it relieves stress

  • makes us feel more connected with nature.

It's truly incredible how much your health has to gain from just taking off your shoes.

So what are you waiting for? Rain or shine, take your shoes off and feel the earth!

Ps: I am thinking of running a foot health workshop soon, if you're interested, leave me a comment below!

Chat soon,


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