Proactive Health 
Workshop Series

Feel empowered to support your health and well-being

through movement and nutrition.

Green Goodness
Upcoming Workshop
Sunday, February 13 
2-5pm, Howth

Meet the organisers:

Ana Stefan 
Yoga | Pilates | Flexibility

Ana teaches strength and mobility courses that combine Yoga, Pilates, Science of Stretching & Myofascial Movement to help people improve their posture, move without pain, and feel good in their bodies.


Celine Nelli 
Nutritional Therapist

Celine works with women of all ages and strives to empower them with nutrition and lifestyle solutions so that they can glow and be healthy at any age.

She specialises in hormonal balancing, peri-menopause, fertility health and healthy ageing.



This workshop is for women 30+ who want to take control over their wellbeing.

Learn how to embrace and positively influence ageing through nutrition and lifestyle solutions


Get tools to build and maintain your strength and mobility throughout the years


Connect with like-minded women who look to prioritise their wellbeing in 2022


Spend an afternoon of moving, learning, connecting and having fun

What is on the schedule?

Tea & Coffee Welcome

Learn about ageing and nutrition

Strength Class

Tea & Coffee Break 

Posture Assessment 

Learn about ageing and managing stress

Yin Yoga & Relaxation

Q& A