Here is a little bit about my journey with movement.

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I started practicing Yoga at the age of 20. 

I wanted to know more and in 2018 I went to India in search of answers.

I completed my training with Sampoorna Yoga and became a Yoga Teacher

In 2019,  wanting to learn a bit more about the core and how to improve my strength, I went to Spain, to train with one of the best teachers out there, Susan Church!

I came back a Pilates Teacher!


Since then, I continued learning both online and in person with some of the world's best teachers.

I trained in :

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Yin Yoga

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Sequencing

Slow Flow

Pilates Mat & Advanced

Pilates with Small Equipment

Posture Reading

Bone Health

Post-Partum Pilates

In 2021 I became a certified Flexibility Coach , using the Science of Stretching method developed by Lucas Kerge at the Yoga Teachers College.

At the moment I am training and learning more about Myofascial Movement and how to better help my clients feel better in their bodies. 

Learn how I can help you!