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Hi, I'm Ana!

I believe that felling good in your body doesn't have anything to do with your  dress size or weight. Feeling good in your body means, being able to go on a walk, hike, cycle, dance or play with your children without feeling discomfort. 

It also means being a calm, centred, grateful and present .

If you are not there right now, I totally get you, and I can help. A few years ago I suffered with anxiety and to add to it, my body wasn't great either. I  had lower back pain, knee pain and stiffness. 

Yoga and Pilates were life saving for me, I now feel better than ever and I dedicate my life to helping others feel the same!

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Qualifications & Training

I've been lucky to train with some of the best teachers around the world.​

I trained in:

Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga at Sampoorna Yoga India

Yin Yoga Foundations  with Josh Summers 

Pilates Mat at Pilates Teacher Training Institute 

Flexibility Coach at Yoga Teachers College 

Slow Flow Yoga at Yoga Pilates Malaga

I have also trained in Yoga Sequencing, Posture Reading, Bone Health, Post-Partum Pilates and Myofascial Movement with my favourite educator and mentor Susan Church​.

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