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The Aligned Body Coach

Unleashing your confidence and power

I’m Ana Stefan and for 5 years I’ve been helping women to see how truly amazing their bodies - and full selves - are, through mindful and aligned movement.

By combining my wisdom in Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, Myofascial Movement and Breathwork I’ve crafted a mindful approach to movement that supports you in attaining your Aligned Body.


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Ana sitting on the floor in a comfortable pose, hands on her knees, smiling, in a relaxed, calm studio setting.
Ana doing a more aligned and accessible version of the warrior three yoga pose to demonstrate balance strength and alignment

You want to grow older and keep doing the things you love doing

You need to start making the mind-body connection and showing your body (and self) some love, now.

If you have visions of yourself dancing on a cobbled Spanish street in your 60s, hiking to breathtaking vistas at 80 and being that bendy granny doing yoga at 90, you’re in the right place.

That’s exactly what we’re both here for - that’s what I  want for myself and for my clients.


Learn to love your body for how it is, now.

Love yourself for who you are, now.
Strengthen your self-awareness, self-acceptance, and body appreciation.


The Aligned Body Coach

Ana sitting on the floor in a comfortable and calm studio smiling
Ana Stefan in a yoga pose called wild thing

When you feel good, you look good, and that's a fact!

Do you work out to look good?

There's nothing wrong with that, but have you stopped to ask yourself how you feel?

Have you noticed how, when you are not well, the last thoguht on your mind is your cellulite?

Has looking good (by someone else’s standards) solved all your self-image issues? I think not.


I believe what's really important is having the strength to enjoy your one wild and precious life on this planet.

We don’t all need to enter bodybuilder competitions, we don’t all need to run a marathon and we don’t all want to be models,

So why treat our bodies and approach movement like the people who do want those things?


Why shouldn’t we discover a way of moving that feels good, for us. Where your mind, body and energy are in perfect sync and you can feel the freedom of living your everyday life, joyfully?

Ana Stefan doing a balancing pose to show alignment strength and balance

My movement journey began with me realising that I didn’t appreciate my body or what it was capable of.

And it had to really scream at me to get my attention.


Your body is capable of such amazing things

I'm curious about the body and anatomy. I'm curious about how everybody moves; I have to admit, I sit at the traffic lights and look at people's posture and how they walk/run. Honestly, I’m obsessed with posture and movement. But, let’s be clear, posture is not a static thing. It’s not about standing straight and being able to balance a book on your head. It’s about your everyday movement and how you flow through your day.


I’ve been exploring my own range of movement and various movement practices for as long as I can remember. And now I take great pleasure in teaching others what I’ve learned; it’s my inner wise woman and spreader of knowledge coming out.

My friends say I’m a bit of a Sage, actually.


Get to know me

My clients say...

I am bubbly and engaging, ambitious and adventurous, calming, compassionate, and soothing. I inspire and motivate them, whilst also bringing a feeling of peace, and that grounding force they so sorely need. I end every session with self-love and appreciation, encouraging you to say thanks to your body for the way it is now. 

Ana Stefan in a down dog pose

In case you were wondering...

I’ve done a LOAD of training and research to craft evidence-based movement coaching for you. And I absolutely won’t be stopping - this is a learning journey for life.

  • Sampoorna Yoga /Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Yoga Teacher Training 2018 - 2019

  • Pilates Teacher Training Institute Ireland/ Pilates Level I, II & Advanced

  • The Yoga Teachers College / Flexibility Coach Certificate

  • Pilates Teacher Training Institute / Pilates with Small Equipment

  • Progressive Pilates Academy / Progressive Pilates Reformer Instructor

  • Wellbeing MalagaSlow Flow Yoga

  • PTTI / Posture Reading Course

  • PTTI/ Bone Health Course 

  • Josh Summers / Yin Yoga Principles

  • The Progressive Pilates Academy / Fascial Strength (Through Qigong flow)


Are we aligned?

I’d love to hear what’s going on for you right now!

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