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It's time to reconnect with your body

Become stronger, more flexible and more confident than you ever imagined!

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You’ve probably never given much thought to your body.


You’ve been so busy getting on with the business of living life and spinning plates. And you were able to keep taking it for granted when you were in your 20s.

But now you’re noticing the signs that your body is starting to protest.

Back pain. Knee pain. Shoulder pain. Stiffness. Struggling to maintain momentum.

Feeling lacklustre. Unable to shrug off the niggling feeling that something is out of alignment.

These are all signs that something needs to change.

You should be able to keep doing all the things you love, for as long as you choose.

The missing piece of the puzzle? The mind-body connection.


You deserve a glittering future where...

  • You absolutely radiate vibrant energy - you’ve never felt as good in your body and in your skin.

  • You love and accept that gorgeous woman sparkling back at you from the mirror and you tell her how gorgeous she is every damn day.

  • People keep asking what your secret is - you’ve giggled to yourself as they’ve puzzled over what’s changed, is it your hair / a new outfit / a new skin regime?

  • You magnetically attract people and opportunities that lift you higher.

  • You’re living life to the max as the best possible mum / wife / business owner / human you could have imagined.

  • Life is full-to-the-brim with possibility. You truly have it all.

What the Aligned Body feels like...

“There are not enough words (or stars!) to describe Ana. She is a gem who made me fall in love with yoga, pilates, movement and even my body again.
Her knowledge and passion shows in every aspect of her work. Do yourself a favour, get in touch with her and invest in yourself.”

Discover the magic of posture in movement

Through boutique 1-2-1 aligned movement coaching, group workshops and corporate talks, I

support powerful women like you to unlock self-confidence and inner strength. These offerings

will support you in becoming stronger, taller and more flexible than you ever imagined - and this is

a change that will stand the test of time.

Hello You,

Let’s pull some shapes!

I’m Ana Stefan, A.K.A. The Aligned Body Coach. I want to hear you say, “I feel the best I have ever felt. I feel gorgeous!” that’s my mission.

I’ve crafted classes, workshops and talks that give you a fully grounded, aligned and embodied approach to movement. All of this blends my wisdom in pilates, yoga, meditation, myofascial movement and breath-work to bring you a movement practice that has you moving because you want to.

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