You are a unique being.

From your cells to your bones, your body is unique.

So your movement should be too. 


You deserve to find joy in movement. To celebrate your uniqueness. To find new ways of flowing through your day and your world.

Is this you?

You want to feel stronger or more flexible but don't know where to start

You'd like to have a greater understanding of your body

You want to feel more confident and grateful for your body

You want to enjoy walking, cycling, or playing golf for as long as possible

You want to age better 

When you experience stiffness or pain, even everyday activities can be stressful. You may have tried a Yoga class but felt intimidated or uncomfortable. You may have tried a personal trainer but you feel pushed too far 

​ Let's chat about how I can help you change this!

Hi, I'm Ana

I help people understand their bodies, and what they need to do to feel stronger, more flexible, and more relaxed.

Hi, I'm Ana

I help people understand and accept their bodies and abilities so they can find freedom and joy in movement.

I incorporate Yoga, Pilates, Science of Stretching and Myofascial Movement into my classes so that you can gain the strength and mobility required in everyday life.

How I can help YOU

If you are a complete beginner and don't know where to start

Work with me one to one and learn the basics.


I will help you understand how your body and mind work, what type of movement works better for you, how to modify and adapt every pose or exercise to your unique body.  


After only 5 private sessions you will feel confident to drop into any group class and maintain your wellbeing.

If you are an active person and struggle with some aches and pains. 

Get a personalised exercise plan to do at home.

We will work on a few exercises to do at home, to correct your posture, balance and flexibility, so that you can enjoy cycling, hiking, dancing, or anything else that brings you joy. 

After two private sessions you will have an easy plan of movement and meditation to do at home.

Plus, you’ll get a month of phone support and follow up!

Be part of the joy in movement tribe!