Rediscover your joy in movement!

Stiffness and pain can affect your work, social life, and family life and it can stop you from enjoying everyday movement.

Whether you wish to return to cycling,  golfing or just planting vegetables in your garden without discomfort,  there's a chance I can help you!
Does this sound like you?

I wish I could join you on the walk, but I've pain in my lower back
    Sitting at my desk for more than 20 minutes has become a struggle
    If the back pain were better, everything would be better
    I feel stiff as a board getting out of bed
    I'm not that young anymore
   I'm going to take a rain check today.  

If you answered yes to one or two of the above, there's a chance I can help you!
Hi, I'm Ana

I help people understand their bodies, and what they need to do to feel stronger, more flexible, and more relaxed.

Hi, I'm Ana
I am a Strength & Flexibility Coach, helping people get rid of stiffness or aches and pains caused by incorrect posture or repetitive strain.
I can help you understand where your aches are coming from and what steps to take to move better, live better and age better.

Our sessions will be a combination of Pilates, Science of Stretching, Yoga & Myofascial Movement so that you can regain your strength, mobility and confidence.

You are a unique being.
From your cells to your bones, your body is unique.
So your movement should be too.  
You deserve to find joy in movement. To celebrate your uniqueness. To find new ways of flowing through your day and your world.

How I can help you

We'll start with a consultation to find out where your aches and pains are coming from and how to use movement and breath to feel better.

You will learn how to improve your posture while standing, seated or exercising to minimise strain and prevent injuries.

You will get a plan of daily exercises to improve your core strength and flexibility so that you can go back to enjoying your life .


For the ones who move with joy!