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Say hello to a better way of moving

Because you deserve to feel strong, young and confident at any age or size

Your Posture in Movement Matters 

When I say I'm a Posture Coach to somebody I meet for the first time, the first thing they do is roll their shoulders back and stand straight. But posture is much more than this. Posture is not static, is how you align your body when you work, walk, run, cycle, hold your child, and live your everyday life. Your bad posture habits can affect your bone health, your spine health, your breathing and your overall quality of life. You probably know this already. What you don't know is how to change this. That's why I'm here.

If I had a magic wand what would you wish for?

To be less stiff, to FEEL fitter, to feel younger, to enjoy your hobbies without that annoying pain...


You have a job that requires you to sit at a laptop for long hours and it is causing some stiffness and pain

You don't have time or you don't enjoy working out 

The Physiotherapist gave you some exercises to do, but you've either ignored them or you wonder if you are doing them correctly. 

Your main concern is that you may just make matters worse, so you think that doing nothing at all is better. 

A half image of Ana tilted to one side, with the hands in a position used to correct the posture

What if 

Yes, this IS possible for you

You felt amazing in your body 

You had no aches, pain or stiffness

You said yes to a walk, hike, or a long trip with your friends

You felt less stressed and had fewer headaches 

You felt more confident at work 

You felt younger and started receiving compliments 

How I can help

You can heal, move better, feel younger and more confident

Book a 90-minute appointment to have your posture, strength and flexibility checked. Get advice on where to start, what exercises or practices are more suitable for you and how to begin your healing journey.

Get a personalised programme to strengthen your core muscles and improve your posture. Improve the flexibility in your spine, and reduce stiffness and pain. Learn how to align your body when cycling, hiking or running.

Join a group course to gain strength and mobility and prevent aches and injuries. The group programmes are for you if you have no injuries or back pain and wish to feel stronger and more flexible. 

“ Ana helped me get rid of my knee pain by aligning my feet and stretching my hips. I feel stronger and fitter now at 60 than i felt at 20. I highly recommend her!."

Linda, Cork

Strength is power, mobility is grace, mindful movement is freedom.

It's time to feel free again.

A profile picture of Ana smiling wiht her hands on her hips.

Get in touch with me!

I offer workshops and webinars on posture, core strength and flexibility.

Happy to chat with you on your podcast or offer help with an article. 

Tel: (+353) 83 4468548

Thanks I'll be in touch soon!

Your body is unique

Your movement should be unique too. Stop trying to do what everybody else does. 

There is no one solution that fits all.

You could spend time and money on spine corrector belts, different chairs, props, or expensive equipment just to have it gather dust in a corner or you could learn how to move better.

Become aware of how you move, how you sit, how you sleep and how you stand when you talk to somebody.

If you wake up feeling 120 years old, there's a chance you need to change your evening habits. If you have back pain after going to the gym, there's a chance your posture is wrong and you're putting a lot of pressure on your spine.

There could be so many reasons why your body is sending you pain signals, all you need to do is learn how to listen.

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