Ana Stefan in a wide forward fold , hamstring stretch, smiling and looking to the left.

Find joy in movement

Do you suffer from back pain, knee pain or stiffness?

Does it get worse after a day at your desk, or after a long drive?
Does it impact your workouts, hobbies or family life? 
Do you feel older than your actual age?

It's time to enjoy life again!

When you experience stiffness or pain, walking, running, and even everyday tasks become stressful, so you tend to stop moving altogether.


You stop going to the gym or for a walk and your hobbies and social life take the back seat.

But it is essential that you keep moving, in the right way, with the right support. I'm here to offer that support.


Ana Stefan in a back bend

Imagine if

You felt stronger and more in tune with your body
You had more energy,  less tension and fewer headaches
You felt less stressed and in a better mood
You felt more confident 
You felt younger

Hi, I'm Ana

I help people reclaim their strength, balance and mobility so they can enjoy life without aches and pains.

I work with clients who suffer from back pain caused by incorrect posture and repetitive strain, with super-stiff people and everyone who needs to strengthen their core after a long break.

Portrait of Ana Stefan smiling
How I can help you

Work with me 1-1

Your transformational journey begins here. If you experience stiffness or pain every day, going into a group class might just make it worse. In only a few sessions, you will learn how to move safely and how to modify every exercise to work for your unique body. We'll work on correcting your posture, strengthening and lengthening the muscles supporting your spine. You'll leave our sessions feeling more optimistic and more relaxed. 

Join a group programme

A group programme is for you if you have some small niggles or pains, or you wish to get stronger and more mobile to prevent injuries. Perhaps your physiotherapist recommended Yoga or Pilates to help with your mild back pain. Perhaps you are a stiff gym goer or a cyclist who needs to stretch more often. This is for you if you are used to working on your own, if you are a routine person and require very little accountability. 


Terence, 39, Ireland

Nicole, 50, USA

Ceri, 23, Ireland

I was suffering from lower back pain, and my Physiotherapist recommended Pilates. I began working with Ana 1-1 & improved right away. 
I finally understood how to strengthen my core (safely) and began paying attention to my flexibility too. Every session made a huge difference. She has helped me feel stronger and more aware of my body.
I can enjoy running again in the morning without back pain. I would highly recommend working with her.

Ana is the best Pilates teacher I have ever encountered, and one of the best yoga teachers as well (I’ve been doing yoga for 30 years). She is encouraging and supportive and I always feel safe in her classes, even when she challenges us physically. I feel great after every class. Even when working via Zoom she is incredibly attuned to body alignment and adjustments. She really knows her stuff. Consider yourself lucky if you have a chance to work with her.

As someone who has always found it nerve-racking to exercise in gyms. Ana's classes have allowed me, for the first time, to fall in love with exercise and feel strong. The physical benefits such as flexibility and strength are second to none but Ana also makes an effort to help clients release their stresses and anxiety (a true godsend in the last year and a half). I can’t compliment Ana enough. Everyone should try!!

Ditch the back pain with this daily routine