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Ana Stefan sitting on the floor in a calming space of neutral colours

Hello you, let’s pull some shapes!

As The Aligned Body Coach, I’m here to show you how self love and self confidence can be accessed through movement. How understanding the way your body works and what it is capable of can blow your mind - and everything you thought you knew away - to clear a path for respect and alignment. Making shoulder / knee / hip / back pain a thing of the past by bringing the missing piece of the puzzle: the mind-body connection.

I’m Ana Stefan and I blend my wisdom in Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, Myofascial Movement and breathwork to craft classes, workshops and talks that give you a fully grounded, aligned and embodied approach to movement.

We’re here to forge a stronger mind-body connection through mindful movement. For 5 years I’ve been encouraging women like you to ditch...


... the nonsense around diets...

... “no-pain-no-gain” bootcamp style workouts... 

... the idea that you have to “earn” a rest.


I’m on a mission to get you walking taller (and in those heels you love), feeling stronger, glowing with confidence and living to the absolute maximum well into your golden years. The Aligned Body community shows up to classes week after week, because they’ve discovered what it feels like to fully live in and appreciate their amazing bodies.

Ana holding a yoga mat while standing and smiling

Your body is truly amazing and so are you - it’s time you saw that clearly

Taking you from living out of alignment to a whole new way of being. From focusing on what things look like, instead of what they feel like. From ignoring your cycles and forcing your body into chairs, shoes and outfits that feel all wrong. And from contorting yourSELF to fit expectations - to establishing a deep trust and appreciation for your body. 


Your body has its own rhythms. It's the most intelligent “machine” out there. It's constantly thinking, feeling, evolving and changing. Although we fight that change with tooth and nail all the time. But nothing else matters when when your body is not functioning the way it wants to. 


Through boutique 1-2-1 embodied movement coaching, group workshops and corporate talks, I support powerful women like you to unlock self confidence and inner strength. These offerings will support you in becoming stronger, taller and more flexible than you ever imagined - and this is a change that will stand the test of time.

You know, at your core, that something needs to change

You want to really have it all, not just look like you have it all. The missing piece of the puzzle? Your mind-body connection. It’s entirely possible you’ve never really given too much thought to your body - unless you got sick - and if we’re honest you’ve probably been taking it for granted whilst you’ve been getting on with the business of living life and spinning plates. You should be able to keep doing all the things you love, for as long as you choose. But you might be noticing the signs that your body is starting to protest. And those hikes you saw yourself doing at 90, walking on that stage in your favourite heels in your 70s and keeping up those hobbies in your 50s are starting to look unrealistic. You want to grow older and keep doing the things you love doing - and that means you need to start making the mind-body connection and showing your body (and self) some love, now.

Strength from your (finger)tips to your toes

It’s time to cultivate a positive and joyful relationship with movement, to see it as a source of empowerment and not an obligation. To walk better, run better and move better. To not give a crap how you look and think more about how you feel. When you feel good, you look good. Everything else falls into place; you put yourself out there more, you go and do things that you wouldn't have done before. The energy that you put out there is different when your body feels good. Once you feel better in your body, you behave very differently. Your posture is different, your facial expression is different, your energy is different. And people notice that.


I get to see it. And I get so excited when I can say, “You just did that!” I love when clients tell me, “I feel better, I feel good. I have no back pain, I've no knee pain, I feel more flexible, I feel gorgeous.” It gets me out of bed to know that I'm actually making a difference, impacting lives and transforming wellbeing. 

It’s time for you to move because you like it, not because you “should”. Let’s get aligned.

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