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Ana helping a client hands on

The Aligned Body Coach

Mind-Body Harmony

6-Month 1-2-1 Aligned Movement Programme

Ever get the feeling that you’re so switched off from your body, you can’t hear it until it screams at you?


You probably find it tricky to fully switch off and love to push on through and go-go-go, because life might run away from you if you pause and stand still.


You might even secretly avoid the mirror because the woman looking back at you makes you feel uncomfortable, and you’d rather ignore her.

Wisdom and rhythm - your body has it

When you make time for yourself and make that mind-body connection, you’ll discover your true inner wisdom and rhythm. You’ll age with grace, be able to carry and support your whole self through life, hike to breathtaking vistas at 80 and be that bendy granny doing yoga at 90.


Mind- Body- Energy

You deserve a life where you ....

  • Feel as good in your body as the rest of your life - to truly have it all.

  • Embody strength, power and influence for life.

  • Continue to have an incredible impact on the world, claiming your space and showing up for others

Ana helping a client improve her flexibility

"Working with Ana has been nothing short of life-changing in just over three months. I can hardly believe the incredible results I've achieved! When I first started, I was grappling with knee pain, weakness, stiffness, discomfort, and an overall feeling of being out of alignment.
I decided to commit to the Harmony six-month programme, and it's been life-changing.
My hips have gained newfound mobility, my daily dog walks have a newfound spring in their step, and after our sessions, I genuinely feel like I'm inhabiting a completely different body. I've developed a newfound appreciation for my body, and the gratitude practices we've incorporated have been truly transformative. In a nutshell, my entire life has seen a remarkable improvement since Ana entered it. I can't express enough gratitude for the positive changes, and I'm eagerly anticipating what the future holds with her in my corner.
Ana, you're a game-changer!"


The Harmony Package

What's included

  • Your very own tailor made 6 month plan based around your goals and dreams. This is redesigned and updated every month when we sit down together and see how much progress you’ve been making.  

  • Two weekly, in-person sessions and online check-ins

  • Tailor-made videos to build new habits 

  • 5 days a week support and accountability 

Investment €8900


How it works

Ana helping a client hands on with her spine

Get to know your body

It all starts with awareness and connection. In this part of the programme, we tap into the wisdom of the body. You start to listen to your body and experiment with movements that are very unique to your needs, energy and time. 

Ana helping a client by doing a fascia release

Tap into your inner wisdom

In this part of the programme you start to feel the body changing, You suddenly feel taller, and more balanced and notice the stiffness and aches ease. You're building your toolbox and start noticing the effects on your overall energy and mood.

Ana helping a happy client hands on

 Move because you want to

This is the habit-building part of our programme. You will find yourself stretching or taking breathing breaks at work, you will find yourself wanting to do more strength building movement or go on a hike on your day off.

Hello Wonder Woman

I'm Ana, The Aligned Body Coach

It gets me out of bed to know that I'm actually making a difference, impacting lives and transforming wellbeing.

I’m on a mission to get more women loving, accepting and enjoying their bodies in everything they do. I know that life is more enjoyable when your body feels good, inside and out.

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Ana sitting on the floor laughing
  • How much does it cost?
    Your investment is €8900 and payment plans are available
  • How often do we get together for coaching sessions?
    For six months, we will have to meet twice a week so that we can build momentum and make progress towards your goals. Depending on your schedule and the amount of accountability you need we can also divide our time into three smaller sessions and you'll have access to me via WhatsApp and email. We will make this plan together. I'm committed to being there for you throughout our coaching journey.
  • How long do our coaching sessions last?
    Typically, our coaching sessions will run from 60 to 90 minutes. some days you may need a bit more time or prefer shorter sessions, we can adjust accordingly. The main thing is to have focused and meaningful conversations where we can dive deep into your challenges and opportunities.
  • How does the 1-1 coaching process work with you?
    The 1-1 coaching process with me is all about giving you personalised support and guidance to help you achieve your goals. First, we'll have a chat to get to know each other better and figure out what you're looking to achieve. Then, we'll create a customised plan just for you. We can have our sessions in person, or through video calls – whatever works best for you! Throughout our time together, I'll provide you with tools, strategies, and the extra push you need to make progress and reach your goals.
  • What kind of stuff can we work on during our coaching sessions?
    Well, the sky's the limit! Based on our initial consultation were may work on your posture, strength and flexibility. But as we know, your mind and body are connected so we will work on improving that inner dialog, those stories you tell yourself about your body and changing the conversation. We will also work on your breathing and relaxation, getting you from stressed and stiff to stretched and relaxed. Our session together combine all strength, stretch and relaxation. On your own, you will have stretch videos and strength videos and tutorials to build movement and breathing habits throughout your day. These videos will be changed every month depending on your progress and what you enjoy doing.
  • What can I expect from our coaching sessions?
    We work on your strength, we stretch, we relax and maybe chat and drink coffee too. I do not believe in hard work without fun so I hope our sessions will leave you energised but also relaxed and de-stressed. One of my clients said that after each of our session she feels like she is inhabiting a different body. I think that sums it up. It's always a full body and mind-body approach. I also expect you to do the recommended exercises at home, and check in with me. It is a commitment to your wellbeing from the very start.
  • What's your coaching style or philosophy?
    My coaching approach is all about YOU. I believe that every person is unique and has the inner wisdom and resources to create meaningful change. My motto is " No joy, no gain" ... Get it? I do not believe that movement should be painful to give you the results you desire. I believe in health in all sizes, shapes and ages. This is why I am not a weight loss/diet coach, I'm a feel-good-in-your-body-love-yourself coach. ​
  • How do I know if this programme is right for me?
    If you have specific goals you want to achieve, if you're feeling stuck and need guidance, working together can be a game-changer. This programme is for you if : You are ready for a significant change in your life You want to learn as much as possible about your body and about yourself You want to start building healthy habits that stick like adding breathing to your day to destress or stretching first thing in the morning You need more accountability and someone checking in on you very often to make sure you stick to the plan You need more confidence and encouragement to not quit All you need is an open mind, a willingness to explore new ideas, and a commitment to taking action.
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