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1-2-1  Movement Coaching

Ever get the feeling that you’re so switched off from your body, you can’t hear it until it screams at you?


You probably find it tricky to fully switch off and love to push on through and go-go-go, because life might run away from you if you pause and stand still.


You might even secretly avoid the mirror because the woman looking back at you makes you feel uncomfortable, and you’d rather ignore her.

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Wisdom and rhythm - your body has it

When you make time for yourself and make that mind-body connection, you’ll discover your true

inner wisdom and rhythm. You’ll age with grace, be able to carry and support your whole self

through life and hang onto that freedom for as long as possible.


You deserve a life where you...

  • Feel as good in your body as the rest of your life - to truly have it all.

  • Embody strength, power and influence for life.

  • Continue to have an incredible impact on the world, claiming your space and showing up for others

"Ana is amazing! I had been experiencing hip pain for a while and nothing seemed to help. I love running and this was pain in the but (literally). I booked a 1-1 assessment with Ana and she helped me correct my posture which reduced the pain immediately. She's a magician. In three months, I was pain free and running again, stronger and better than before. Cannot recommend her enough!"

How it works

1-1 Consultation

We start with a 1-1 FREE consultation, where I can check your posture strength and mobility and make a plan to suit your needs.

This is where we know if we are a good fit for each other too.

We make a plan

Based on our consultation I will recommend a plan of action that will give you the best results. This looks different for everyBODY. All the work we do together is 100% personalised to your needs and goals.

We get to work

The 1-1 sessions will be schedule either online, in person or a mix of both. You will get an exercise plan, accountability and lots of support. Let's get you feeling like you can conquer the world (because you can).

Hello Wonder Woman

I'm Ana, The Aligned Body Coach

 It gets me out of bed to know that I'm actually making a difference, impacting lives and transforming wellbeing. I’m on a mission to get more women like you strutting stages and being highly visible. 

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