Hi, I'm Ana

My mission is to help people feel better in their bodies and enjoy a life without stiffness and aches. I incorporate Yoga, Pilates, Science of Stretching and Myofascial movement into our sessions, so that you can begin to improve your posture, core strength and flexibility. If you suffer from neck, shoulder, lower back or knee pain due to repetitive strain, there's a chance I can help you!

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My Story

I am probably the most independent person in my family. As a teenager, I worked all weekends with a catering company to pay for my own clothes and movies with friends. By the age of 25, I was managing a cafe, and at 28 I had my own business. 


I've spent more than fifteen years working in the hospitality industry. Long hours, on my feet nine-ten hours a day and lifting and carrying heavy things. When we're young, we feel invincible, don't we? Until the back pain arrived. 


I discovered I had a mild form of scoliosis and the pain got so intense, that I could barely get out of bed. 


Fast forward a few years, I began to work in an office. Spending eight hours a day seated was going to prove even more challenging. I began to suffer from neck and shoulder pain and developed a condition called informally "text neck". We all probably have it nowadays. 


You could think this was the end of my troubles, but there is more. 

I began practising Yoga more frequently in general group classes. Although it was helping me destress and forget about the back pain, it was slowly harming my knees and hips. 


Every exercise form (or practice, in my case) can be beneficial and harmful at the same time.


Whether you run, go to the gym or do Yoga, if your body is not aligned you are putting a lot of repetitive stress on your joints.


I spent the last four years studying, training and working with various specialists to improve my physical health. I learned so much and now I am passionate about sharing this knowledge and skills with everyone. 


We are so concerned with doing and doing, that we never stop to think about how we do things. 


Simple movement habits and simple actions performed every day can harm your joints or muscles until our bodies send a clear message: pain. That's when we stop. But movement is the only way to recover, so you need to keep moving, the right way, with the right support.


Whether you want to heal or prevent, I can help you move better. 


If you want to chat or share your story, send me an email!