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The Aligned Body Coach

Be at home in your body

Coaching, workshops and talks for you to unleash your full power


I see you...

Keeping your head down, staying busy spinning all those plates and trying to ignore the whispers in your body as they build to creaks, groans and screams.

Failing to recognise the woman staring back at you in the mirror - who is that person - that can’t be you, surely?​

​Talking down to yourself about having to hit the breaks - you’ve lost your natural spark and momentum. Low energy and niggles keep creeping up on you.​

Feeling guilty every time you take a break or do something for yourself. Do you really only have time for everybody else but you?

It’s time for you to move because you like it, not because you “should”

The Aligned Body Coach

It’s time to cultivate a positive and joyful relationship with movement, to see it as a source of empowerment and not an obligation.


This is about waving goodbye to:


... the nonsense around diets.

... “no-pain-no-gain” gym bros.

... the idea that you have to “earn” a rest.


In your Aligned Body, you’ll walk better, move better, and feel better.


You’ll not give a crap how you look and think more about how you feel.


When you feel good, you look good.


You’re going to see how self-love and self-confidence can be accessed through movement. 


The Aligned Body Coach

Ana Stefan balancing on one leg with the arms up to show alignment and strength

You deserve a life that looks and feels amazing, from the inside out.

A life where...

You’re glowing with energy and confidence and fired up about going after what you want.

Your best friend and most precious gift is your body - and you finally fully appreciate it.

You LOVE spending time with yourSELF and you have regular, “me, myself and I” dates in your diary so that you can give to others from your overflowing cup.

You feel strong, from your (finger)tips to your toes 

You’ve become the life and soul of the party and you’re redefining what it means to be a woman, “of your age”.

You have that warm glow of feeling like you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

​I know you’ve probably come here for some stretching - some relief for those niggles, creaks and pains that have crept up on you - but you’re going to get so much more.


That’s the Aligned Body effect.


Discover the magic of posture in movement

We’re here to forge a stronger mind-body connection through mindful movement. Exploring the role of posture in the daily flow of your life, how your body language speaks volumes, the way your breath punctuates your day, and tools to achieve the kind of self-appreciation you deserve. To feel more confident, self-assured, and comfortable in your skin.

Ana Stefan helping a client improve her shoulder mobility

Make that time for yourself - at last - to move and reconnect with your mind and body. Become more aware of what’s really going on under the surface and discover how to embrace and support those processes. 

Ana Stefan showing the different props used in online courses

Discover the missing piece of the puzzle in your current movement practice. Expand your Yoga and Pilates practice so you can go deeper within - and maintain that momentum that moves you.

Ana Stefan-profile picture

Free up your energy and time by bringing movement education into your workplace. Boost your teams’ performance and help employees rekindle their own spark. one of your services.

Ana helping a client stretch with a band

I was lucky enough to meet Ana when my body was in so much pain. I loved running but it didn’t overly like me. I was suffering daily with pain in my hips, quads and lower back. Ana assessed me with patience and care. She is so knowledgeable and straight away I felt I was in capable hands. She immediately noticed my posture was out of line and my pelvis tilted the wrong way. Instantly when she adjusted my body the pain eased in my hips. Each session I went from strength to strength and I loved the exercises Ana gave me to work on at home. I can honestly say after each hour session I felt rejuvenated. I would highly recommend her!


Ready to unlock self confidence and inner strength?

Your Aligned Body is just a few short steps away. This is your chance to become stronger, taller and more flexible than you ever imagined - for life. Want to chat about the right fit for you? Book in a FREE clarity call.

Ana showing proper posture


Hello You,

Let's get aligned!

Hi, I’m Ana The Aligned Body Coach. I do this work because I just get so excited when I can say, “You just did that!”

I love when clients tell me, “I feel like I'm in someone else's body, I feel strong, I have no back pain, I've ever moved like that before, I feel more flexible. I feel gorgeous.”

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