Work with me 1-1 
It's time to start living better in your body and mind.
Find out where your aches and pains are coming from and how to use movement and breath to feel better 

Learn how to improve your posture while standing, seated or exercising to minimise strain and prevent injuries

Get instant relief from back pain with a few simple stretches that you can do anywhere.

Get a plan of daily exercises to improve your core strength and flexibility so that you can go back to enjoying your life. 

This is for you if:

You experience back pain or stiffness in the body due to a sedentary life, incorrect posture or repetitive activities.

You have been told that you need to strengthen your core, but you are not sure where to start 

The exercises you are doing are not helping you feel better, and at times you worry that you may make it worse

You find yourself on Google or Youtube trying to understand where the aches are coming from but there is too much information out there and you're not sure what to believe 

Your back pain or stiffness is stopping you from enjoying the things you love like walking on the beach, gardening or cycling. 

Imagine if 
You felt stronger and more in tune with your body
You had more energy,  less tension and fewer headaches
You felt less stressed and in a better mood
You felt more confident and could truly enjoy a family day out or meeting your friends
You felt younger and better in your body
What to expect during our meeting 

We'll talk about your history with movement, injuries and aches and how they are impacting your life 

We'll move through a few exercises to test your strength and mobility

I will offer some options and make notes of which exercises work better for your unique body

We'll cover some breathing techniques and relaxation 

You'll leave with a few clear steps on how to improve your movement to feel better in your body

I will follow up with a video routine of some recommended exercises that you can do at home every day